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Theater Wagon Projects:
Our largest ongoing project is the annual
Oak Grove Folk Music Festival, in its 30th year August 2008. We also produce annually an original one-act play, "Allie Rounds," as part of Staunton's Victorian Festival held every year in April). The company has produced new plays by its own writers in Scotland, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and throughout Virginia. It has performed in the gardens of colonial mansions, in motel lobbies, in churches and cathedrals, in national parks and national historical sites, in private homes, and (occasionally) in theaters. Currently available Theater Wagon products are WB Yeats Words For Music Perhaps (music CD), Songs from Shakespeare's Repertory (book of music, annotated), Troubadours A' Courtin' (CD), Troubadour and Trouvere Songs in Singable English (two-volume book of music, annotated), The Visit to the Sepulcher (Video-VCR or DVD), Plays of Place and Anyplace (Theater Wagon scripts, with an introduction by Margaret Collins). Copies of these works may be obtained by contacting Frank Albrecht. Copies of unpublished Theater Wagon scripts may be available by special request.

What is Theater Wagon?
Theater Wagon, Inc is a nonprofit (501-c(3)) corporation with headquarters in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley town, Staunton, Virginia. It was founded by Margaret and Fletcher Collins following the success of the Oak Grove Theater, which celebrated its 50th season in the year 2003. Its charter from the state of Virginia states that its purpose is research and development leading to performances in revival of old plays and songs, and also the production of new works. Its projects have received financial support from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Virginia Commission for the Humanities and Public Policy, and the Virginia Commission for the Arts. Individual donors have also contributed to particular projects. Theater Wagon does not pay salaries or wages, or give honoraria. It relies totally on voluntary, unpaid work by both professional and nonprofessional members of the project.

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